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Fancy getting married in the middle of the street?

How would you feel about getting married on the top of Grafton Street surronded by busy Satrurday morning strollers? Or how about a crisp autumnal wedding on Shop Street in Galway enveloped by all the very best the west has to offer. Remarkably, Public Street Weddings are becoming more and more popular all over the world. The concept seems to have originated in New Orleans where the idea of a street party to celebrate family celebrations has been a long held tradition. The tradition goes that the wedding party walk through the city streets to the boombastic sounds of a brass band waving handkerchiefs in the air. If it is good enough for the people who gave us Mardi Gras then surely it is good enough for us too? What could the Irish equvlant be? Patrick street in Cork waving the county colours? Henry Street in Dublin listening to the Dubliners? It all sounds good to me...if only we could guarantee the weather!

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