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You may have questions about the type of wedding ceremonies I perform. Hopefully you will find your answer below but please feel free to contact me either by e-mail or phone if you have any other questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


What is a Wedding Celebrant?

A Wedding Celebrant like myself is someone who has undergone training in how to create personalised, bespoke, unique wedding ceremonies for people all over the country.

A Wedding Celebrant will work with the couple to create a ceremony that reflects the love, lives and interests of the people getting married. There are no restrictions to what can and cannot be contained within a wedding ceremony performed by a wedding celebrant. The couple decides on the content of the ceremony.

Most Wedding ceremonies will contain vows, music, poetry, reflections and readings (religious or non-religious if you wish). The centrepiece of the wedding ceremony will be the love story of the couple which we will write together and will be delivered by me during the ceremony.


What is the difference between a Humanist ceremony and a wedding performed by you?

A Humanist ceremony cannot contain religious content. Humanism is the belief in placing supreme importance in the human person rather than a divine God or Gods.  If you choose to have your wedding performed by a wedding celebrant instead of a humanist you have the flexibility to have an entirely non-religious wedding or to include some readings, prayers, blessings that may be important to you or your family.


What do I need to do to get married in Ireland?

For all of the latest information about legally getting married in Ireland check out the information at the following link:



Where can I get married?

Because you will sign the legal documents with the HSE we can then perform your wedding ceremony at any venue of your choice. As long as it is accessible, appropriate and safe, you could get married on a beach, in a castle, a forest or a hotel. The choice is yours.


Can you perform a legal wedding ceremony or do we need to be married by a registrar first?

I am not a legal wedding solemniser. At this moment in time I cannot solemnise your marriage. This means I cannot sign the legal documents for you. This may change in the future but at present you will need to arrange an appointment to legally sign your marriage documents with the HSE at a time either before or after your wedding ceremony.


How do you differ from a priest or a minister?

As a wedding celebrant I do not represent any religion or any particular set of faith beliefs. I have the knowledge and expertise to include religious elements in your ceremony if you wish or equally it can be entirely secular. Very often people may not be church goers yet feel a connection to something spiritual. We can work together to include prayers or religious readings that you or members of your wider family feel a connection to.


How much will it cost?

The general cost is between 450Euros. This includes all of our consultation meetings, the writing of your love story, the delivery of your wedding ceremony including any ceremonial enhancements you wish to use such as hand fasting, sand rituals, etc.


What are the next steps?

First things first – get in touch as soon as you can with your date. As you can imagine Fridays and Saturdays in the summertime are always busy!

I will arrange to meet you both to begin the process of planning your wedding ceremony. We will discuss what you want (and perhaps more importantly) what you do not want. You will tell me the story of your relationship, how you met, the proposal, what marriage means, etc. and this will form the centrepiece of the wedding ceremony. We will discuss readings, reflections, vows, etc. I will then go away and draw up the first draft of the ceremony for us to work on together in the coming months.

It is good for the first meeting to be face to face and subsequent ones can be in person or over Skype if that is easier..