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Wedding Insurannce

As Ireland recovers from the walloping of ex-hurricane Ophelia it got me thinking about the importance of Insurance. Every time I renew my home or car insurance I always think to myself, ‘well I hope I won’t need that’. It’s one of those things that we pay for but hope we never actually have to use.

I strongly advise all couples that I meet to take out wedding insurance. There are lots of different companies out there that offer lots of different packages but you can get pretty decent cover for about €50. A quick google search will readily show you what is available. Wedding insurance tends to cover lots of unfortunate events  such as the wedding being cancelled, suppliers failing to turn up on the day, suppliers going out of business before the big day, but as always there are caveats so be sure to read the fine print!

insurance pic.jpg

With many weddings now costing between ten and twenty thousand euros Wedding Insurance is an absolute must to protect you and your money. We buy a new iPhone and we don’t think twice about insuring it, so why should a massive event like your wedding be any different? Get the insurance, file away the documents and carry on planning, safe in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong you’ll be sorted.

My hope for every couple is that you never have to use it and you have the most wonderful day of your lives.


Happy Wedding Planning.