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How To Save Money When Planning A Wedding

In today's blog I have linked to an old artice from The Weddingjournalonline.

As anyone who has ever planned a wedding will tell you, it is an expensive business. Whether you are going for something small and intimate or something lavish and extravagent it will hit your pocket in a fairly severe way.

What I like about this article is that the tips contained within are practical and within reason.

There are some things that you simply should not skimp on, a good photographer is worth their weight in gold, the right make up artist will make you feel incredible and the right Celebrant (ahem!!) will make your day unforgettable. That said if you are handy with a pritstic and a pair of scissors why not give homemade invites a go? Or if you feel you can unleah your inner Mary Berry there is lots of cash to be saved if you bake your own cake.

Lots of money saving ideas contained within: