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Baby Naming Ceremonies

Like non religious weddings there has also been a marked increase in baby naming ceremonies. 

In the past, It is no secret, certainly anecdotally, that some some parents have baptised their children, not out of a desire to instil a religious faith, but due to the availability of places in local religious schools. With restrictions now lifted on how places  are offered in such schools, more and more parents are turning to family celebrants to create non religious naming ceremonies. 

With Baby Naming Ceremonies parents have total control over the timing, location and style of ceremony that takes place. It is a formal way welcoming the newest member to the family and formally bestowing them with their name. Baby Naming ceremonies are full of love, fun and ritual.

The ceremony can involve, grandparents, siblings, Godparents (or Life Guides ) and anyone else the family may wish.


If you are interested in discussing a Baby Naming Ceremony please do get in touch.